Water Management

Water Management Department

Drip Irrigation Succulents
Low-water plants & irrigation.

Drainage and Irrigation

Instead of sending precious water off of and away from your property, let's use it to grow food, support vibrant privacy screening and support offsite wildlife habitat. WilsonEnv specializes in turning a constraint into an opportunity- this is precisely where WilsonEnv's strategy for stormwater management comes into life. We liken this strategy to Landscape Aikido--have more with less!

Intelligent Irrigation

Ever considered how beneficial it would be to have an irrigation system that tells you when a mainline or a lateral pipe breaks, or a valve is stuck open and wasting precious water? Or would you actually like to know how much water your lawn takes. Or the orchard?

Technology has simplified and is now readily available such that we can connect flow sensor(s) to a master valve, all connected to an intelligent controller clock with an Internet connection, such that if a leak happens (small or catastrophic), an alert can be sent to our mobile devices whereupon we can shut down the master valve and stop the leak till it is repaired. We will know how much water leaked, and more importantly how much flow occurs for each station (did that lawn really use 32,000 gallons of water last week?!). This allows us to plan and adjust water control precisely.

Additionally, we can connect your clock to an onsite weather station that measures real time weather (temperature, humidity, rainfall and solar radiation) and self-adjusts the programming to surgically water each hydrozone according to its real needs, real time! WilsonEnv designs and installs these systems with either new development and installations, or as a retrofit in existing and mature landscapes.

Rainwater Capture & Storage

Rainwater Tanks
Rainwater tanks situated under an outside patio.

WilsonEnv designs and installs custom rainwater catchment and storage systems to precisely meet your property and landscape’s needs:

  • Emergency Fire Suppression
  • Orchards and other edible plants
  • General landscape irrigation
  • Water garden recharging

Now you can capture beneficial rainwater, safely and cleanly store it and use it when needed! Our rainwater capture systems are designed to be closed system, which means no hassles with mosquitoes or other vermin. For an excellent comparison of rainwater storage solutions, click here. Options include above ground storage, below ground storage, and simple earthworks passive infiltration and storage within the soil.

Rainwater Container Comparison Sheet

Greywater Systems

It is now legal in California to install greywater systems from your laundry machine to your landscape. There are certain requirements (for this system to be legal- and safe), and WilsonEnv will design and install these systems. Depending upon where your property is located (County and State), other greywater systems may be both legal and appropriate, including shower/bath water, sinks, etc. 

Stormwater & Drainage

WilsonEnv specializes in efficient and environmentally-friendly stormwater management and drainage techniques, including permeable paving, bioswale configurations, and subsurface infiltration--to name just a few. We have also been awarded the Santa Barbara Contractors Association 2006 Builder of the Year Award for Best Innovation & Technology in Sustainable Landscape/Gravity Rainwater System

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Water Management
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