Home Food Forest

Home Food ForestTM

Better Food Grown at Home

A Home Food ForestTM is more than just a vegetable garden. It is a complete, organic ecosystem of trees, plants, pollinators, decomposers, soil, water, and more. WilsonEnv can help you build this new ecosystem, with a full understanding of the variety of components which will make your new venture a success. We give you a jump start on gardening. You get the fruits of the labor.

100% organic methods and plants

At WilsonEnv, we design Home Food Forests™ that are:

  • Environmentally Sound.
  • Minimize labor.
  • Reduce water waste.
  • Lower water bill.
  • Optimize plant performance.
  • Innovate construction of garden beds, trellises, composters, and worm bins.
  • Involve garden planning and design to optimize plant health, aesthetics, and usability.
  • Make use of soil analyses and building through fertilization, pH level, and organic material.
  • Make use of the best quality materials and tools.
  • Make use of Integrated Pest Management strategies.
  • Provide feedback fo client education on issues such as companion planting, weed control, and crop rotation.

A Few Of the Reasons To Get Started

Join the green revolution and get on track to a sustainable lifestyle! WilsonEnv offers services that emphasize:

  • Eating local, organic produce year round, picked at peak ripeness.
  • Connecting to your land and living in greater harmony with nature.
  • Improve your health with the higher nutrition of homegrown produce.
  • Helping cool the climate by lowering the carbon footprint of your food consumption.

Let WilsonEnv assist you in your new landscape renovation through any of the following options:

  • Site Consultation
  • Design and Planning
  • Plant Care Guides/Management Program
  • Raised Beds: Why stoop? Go raised!
    • Wood
    • Stone
    • Terraced
  • Soil Building: Gotta’ grow soil before you grow plants
    • Field test (texture, structure, etc.)
    • Lab test
    • Amending (Slow release organics, Compost, Mulching)
  • Planting: Bring the Farmer’s Market to your yard
    • Trees
    • Bushes
    • Vegetables
    • Vines
    • Companion plants
    • Seed Kits
  • Pest Protection: Not all visitors are welcome…
    • Gopher: wire-under beds; baskets-protect root balls
    • Deer cages
    • Raptor (owl) boxes
    • Snail and insect control
  • Composters: From scraps to “Gardener’s Gold”
    • Tumblers
    • Boxes
    • Worm Bins
  • Irrigation Systems: Reduce waste, save money, grow more
    • SMART controllers and sensors
    • Drip
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Grey Water Reutilization
  • Hardscape Construction
  • Carpentry
  • Tool Supply: It’s all about the tools
  • Long Term Maintenance Programs: Ensure a fruitful harvest by letting us do the work.

Contact Us today to schedule an ISC (Initial Site Consultation) to help you plan (and build) your Home Food ForestTM

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