Attractive Back & Side Yards

We specialize in custom built gates and more

We design and build gates, fences, chicken coops, compost boxes, and gazebos made with sustainable harvested wood (as available).

Hand-made furniture & seating areas

Add a gazebo with a seating area that can also serve as a cozy bed. Enjoy fresh air and beautiful views day and night from within.

All our custom gazebo seating areas are finished with a recycled material roof, and 'floating' glass-mosaic stone slabs.

We also offer rustic tables and benches.

Landscape Gallery

Gazebo Sitting Area
Sustainable Harvested Wood Fences
Handcrafted Gates
Rustic Furniture
Vegetable Boxes
Raised Planting Bed with Seat
Building Vegetable Boxes
Wood Boxes Construction Detail
Backyard Compost Box
Large Double Compost Bin
Planter & Fence
Backyard & Sideyard Fences